The Laguna Beach

SIZE: Medium/Large FRAME: Walnut / Maple


The Laguna Beach - inspired by the stylish southern California beach town, are a beautiful pair of multi-layer wooden sunglasses, hand-finished from walnut and maple wood.

THE MOST ADVANCED WOODEN SUNGLASSES ON THE MARKET: Multi-layer construction makes the frame of the Laguna Beach much more flexible than solid wood frames and practically unbreakable.

THE VERY BEST LENS TECHNOLOGY: We've spared no expense with our brand new UV400 rated CLARITY A/R Polarised lenses. They are 100% optically correct across the whole lens and provide full spectrum UVA and UVB protection. They're made of super tough, ultra lightweight nylon and weigh half the weight of traditional glass lenses. They are manufactured using the latest technique where the tint and polarisation layers are built into the lens instead of being applied as a coating that can bubble over time. They also have twice the scratch resistance of glass lenses and can withstand any impact you can throw at them.

ECO FRIENDLY: They are stylish, lightweight, comfortable, sustainable eco friendly and tough.  The frames are made from recycled plastic and gorgeous warm walnut and maple wood, sourced from FSC approved producers.

SUPREME COMFORT: The Laguna Beach sunglasses are supremely comfortable with lightweight walnut and maple arms, spring-loaded hinges to provide a secure but gentle grip.  Weighing only 21 grams, we are confident you will find them to be the most comfortable sunglasses you've ever worn.

GUARANTEED HAPPINESS: And of course, each pair comes with our unbeatable 12 month break and replace guarantee.


    We want you to love your sunglasses as much as we do.  They have been made with a love of design, wood craft, material science and the environment.  Here are some facts you might want to know about your purchase.

    ONE PERCENT FOR THE PLANET: 1% of everything you spend with us goes to help environmental causes.  Our contributions are governed by One Percent For The Planet, a global organisation leading the fight for the protection of our planet. So you can be sure that every penny goes where it's supposed to.



    WOODEN ARMS & FRAMES: All our wood frames are made from 100% sustainably sourced wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 



    RECYCLED PLASTIC FRAMES: Our plastic frames are made from certified recycled plastic that ensures that every pair makes a net positive environmental impact.  All our frames are certified to the stringent Global Recycled Standard (GRS) so you can rest assured that you are making a eco friendly purchase.


    BioSUNNIES FRAMES: Our BioSunnies frames are made from an extraordinary combination of wheat straw (75%) and biodegradable polypropylene (25%).  The wheat straw is a bi-product of wheat farming which is traditionally burned at the end of a harvest.  A brilliant bit of material science turns it into a flexible and durable bioplastic that is perfect for sunglasses.

    LENSES:  The most important component of sunglasses has to be the lenses and we have ensured that all our glasses are fitted with the best in the market.  Here's what you need to know:

    • ALL our lenses are polarised
    • ALL our lenses offer complete protection against UVA and UVB radiation
    • Our lenses come in 3 types:
      • CLARITY A/R:  Our very best glasses are complete with these amazing polarised lenses.  They are 100% optically correct across the entire lens so there is no bending of your sight at the edges.  They're made of super tough, ultra lightweight nylon and weigh half the weight of traditional glass lenses. They also have twice the scratch resistance of glass lenses and can withstand just about any impact you can imagine.
      • TAC: Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC):  Many of our glasses come with TAC polarised lenses that are UV400 rated.  This is a new lens technology formulated for superior visual and polarisation clarity. They have a scratch coating and block 100% harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. These lenses are very lightweight and highly impact resistant.
      • Acetate: Our BioSunnies are fitted with super-tough polarised acetate lens that offer the same fantastic protection as all our glasses.  They are UV400 rated and provide full UVA and UVB protection and also block harmful glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow.


    When you receive a pair of Wildwood glasses you will find they are simply packaged and include:

    • Your wonderful Wildwood sunglasses
    • Microfibre cleaning cloth made from recycled plastic
    • Depending on the glasses you've purchased, they will come in a  protective carrying pouch made from flax, or a Wildwood carrying case made from Kraft (recycled wood pulp) board, or a sustainably sourced bamboo box.


    Wildwood eyewear is precisely engineered to provide a comfortable fit that looks great with your natural look.  Our sunglasses come in a range of sizes to suit different faces and tastes.  The guide below is just that, a guide.  Depending how you like your glasses to look, you may want to opt for a larger or smaller frame.  



    Kids come in so many different shapes that it's difficult to put a precise size on them or their sunglasses.   So our kids collection includes glasses for younger kids (3-9 years old) and older kids (6-12 years old).  And in the middle, our kid's BioSunnies work best with 5-9 years old.  We are confident you will find a pair that fit and your kids will love them.


    FREE replacement pair if you break them... Yes, really!

    We hope you love these sunglasses as much as we do.  But we also want you to have fun without worrying.

    That's why when you buy a pair of Wildwood sunglasses, we give you our unbeatable 12 month break and replace guarantee, so you will always have peace of mind.

    So, if the worst happens and they get broken within 12 months of purchase, don't let it spoil your day.  Send them back to us with details of where you bought them and we'll replace them, FREE OF CHARGE (all you pay is the postage).

    sunglasses break and replace guarantee

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