Huskup Plastic Free Coffee Cup

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The Huskup is the only truly plastic-free cup we have ever found. It is made from rice-husk held together with vegetable starches. So there is zero melamine and zero BPA. And it's dishwasher safe. How cool is that!

Huskup is made from rice husk, the outer shell of a grain of rice, so it’s a natural by-product of rice milling. The amazing rice husk is strong, high in silica and has short, tough fibres that are naturally resistant to moisture. This is important as it means there is no need to mix it with melamine or polypropylene or other plasticisers.  Instead Huskup uses a patented blend of natural starches to help hold its shape.


The rice husk is GMO free and from the food crop, so no extra energy or resources to create – it’s a complete by-product. Common practice in Asia is to burn this waste, so the technology has developed to help combat the carbon, sulphur and pollution into the atmosphere and reduce the damage to the soil. By diverting this natural by-product Huskup makes a positive environmental step, even before the first coffee is poured.

The lid and sleeve are made of tough, reusable, recyclable 100% food grade silicone, from one of the worlds most abundant resources, silica. It is a stable material to ensure toxins don’t leach into your drink and it is good for heat barrier and grip.

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