Eco Beach Clean-Up Project #1

This is a small piece of marshland on the Nevern river estuary just a few hundred yards from where the river meets the sea at Newport Beach, Pembrokeshire. 

It's a beautiful spot and full of native and migrating bird life, including curlew, oyster catcher and Canada geese. It's really popular with birdwatchers as you can get really close to the bird life from the estuary bank and the nearby Ironbridge. 

Up until the 1950's, the land was the site of a local slaughterhouse and in the decades that followed, it became derelict and a dumping ground for anyone who needed to dispose of a fridge or oven. Now it's completely overgrown with weeds and brambles that hide half a century of rubbish and god knows what, right next to the river estuary and a wealth of marine and bird life.  

We thought it very sad that such a beautiful spot could be so unloved, so we’ve decided to fix it.  We’ll be working with local people, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Natural Resources Wales to clean up the site, plant it with native species and make it a lovely place for locals and tourists to sit and enjoy the views and the wildlife.

We’ll keep you updated with Instagram posts on how we are getting on.  Or, if you’re in the area come and take a look to see what we are doing.




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